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Sigma starts turning point with AI Manara Holding Group ...
In March 2015, Sigma started turning point by joining AI Manara Holding Group with great expectations and well defined plan to become one of the pioneers in fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
AI Manara Holding Group is funded by H.E. Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Bin Salman Bin Jassim AI Thani as one of fast growing companies in Qatar involved in . 22 subsidiaries including assets management, industrial and manufacturing, telecommunications, general trade and food security, contracting, engineering consultancy, marketing and event management and other services (public, marine, logistics, etc) with an initial investment exceeding USD 150 million.
AI Manara Holding Group services aim to deliver best in class competing with international standards. In the light of the above Sigma is looking forward with the cooperation of our partners to increase our business scale and open new eras aiming to reach satisfactory benefits for our clients, partners and shareholders.
Finally, "success is a journey not a destination", we started our business based on trust and mutual benefits and shall we continue with the same.

About Us


As we are all aware that the State of Qatar is undergoing a process of economic change more than ever before. Due to an enormous support by the oil and gas industries. Also, the state has achieved a remarkable progress in preventive and curative health services. Due to the global changes in the economy and industry sectors, large medical companies tend to acquire other companies in order to complement their range of products and expand their business activities. We, Sigma Medical Company, aim to deliver the state of art technology and unique products in parallel with the strategic plan of the Qatari government. Commitment is our key to success for our partners (customers and principals).


Sigma Medical Company, was created based on the expertise, the experience and the new services needed to make health care in Qatar more accessible/available and affordable to all customers. We are driven to ensure that every partner we serve receive the greatest possible value for their health care investment. Sigma Medical has been established to achieve our vision and mission through our experience in the Qatari Market specializing in Marketing, Distribution, Consultation, Product Assessment and Agency Representation. Sigma Medical consists of three different division which are Wellbeing, Medical and Health Care.

Our Vision & Mission


To improve healthcare by providing high quality and affordable products to the Qatari market with integrity and humanity.


Committed to constantly providing high quality of products and services to our customers. Strive to always exceed the expectations by achieving continuous growth for our partners.


Sigma Services


- Provides complete solutions to healthcare facilities on turnkey basis.
- Supply, install, test and commission medical devices.
- Design and supply of the total solution for modular integration operation theatre.
- Provision of healthcare facility planning and design towards hospital equipping and furnishing.
- After sales services and maintenance.

Our Partners

The Wellbeing Division

The Wellbeing division focuses on Skin Care and Beauty as well as weight controls products.

Wellbeing Division Partners

Skeyndor/ Spain:
Skeyndor is the No. 1 skincare brand in Spain and is today rated as one of the top fifteen cosmetic brands in the world. The brand is present in over 45 countries through a network of 40 international distributors, Sigma Medical being one of them.

Promoting and Distributing premium wrinkle and Anti Aging treatment products to Dermatology Center and Pharmacies.

Renlive was created by Biotec laboratories, a full line of products dedicated to the attainment of a bright and smooth skin on both face and body, and of an overall well-being.
Renlive Cosmeceuticals products are innovative, natural and specifically formulated to effectively treat skins problems.

Skin Republic /Korea:Skin Republic is a scientifically formulated, dermatologist tested hypo-allergenic range combining the latest advances in skin care with nature’s restorative properties.
Skin Republic’s full range of 12 products focuses on skin care for the face, under the eyes, neck and décolletage, hands and feet. Concentrated nutrient rich ingredients nourish, rejuvenate and hydrate, helping you to maintain healthy looking glowing skin.

Therapy-G is the most technologically advanced hair regrowth shampoo treatment for hair regrowth and hair-thinning available anywhere today. The unique formulas enable you to detoxify, nourish, and stimulate the follicle, promoting hair growth and allowing the hair to maintain its natural luster.
Promoting and Distributing hair treatment medical shampoo

No.1 Lift Eye Cream:
Discover the secrets of celebrities and World stars. Forget cosmetic surgery. Revolutionary composition of No1Lift cream smooths your wrinkles within 3 minutes!
In addition, the skin around your eyes will be radiant and smoothed, bags under the eyes will be reduced. No1Lift lightens dark circles and the lines will be significantly smoother. Cream No1Lift acts against dehydration and keeps your skin refreshed for long time period. Green tea extracts and other ingredients soothes and protect your skin from external enviroment.

The Medical Division

The Medical Division serves the Public and Private Hospitals to fulfill their demands and requirements with medical consumables and equipment as well as Hospital Design and Management.
Sigma can also provide turn key solutions in terms of a whole healthcare facility (primary, secondary or tertiary) and/or specialty healthcare units.

Medical Division Partners

Principelle S.V./Netherlands: advanced wound care and skin care products.
Parker Laboratories Inc./U.S.A.: manufacturing and marketing of accessories for the ultrasound and electro medical markets.
Medisport SRL/Italy: specialized in machines, bandages, creams, lotions and bags
US Defib Medical Technologies/U.S.A.: manufacturer of medical equipment.
Apollo Surgical/Pakistan: manufacturer and exporters of surgical and dental instruments.
Pramaeta/Germany: manufacturing for the lines of cast and bandage covers(wound protector).
Praticima/France: manufacturing of medical carts and trolleys.
Innovaciones-Hospitalarias/Spain: manufacturing of any kind of medical supplies and consumables.
Bournas Medical/Greece: manufacturer of medical product paper.

The Health Care Division

The Health Care Division concentrate on product assessment in Pharmaceuticals health consumer products. Also, to assist International suppliers to select the most suitable Partners in Qatar.

Our focus is not limited to Design and Implement strategies to efficaciously penetrating the Qatari Market, but also this Division offers customized services and dedicated solutions for new projects, launching new products and conducting market researches.


The population of the State of Qatar has doubled in six years rated to approximately 1.5 million in habitant. Hence, the market is growing rapidly as well.

Our Potential Customers:
1. Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)
2. RasGas
3. Ministry of Defense (Medical Services)
4. Ministry of Interior (Medical Services)
5. Qatar Petroleum
6. Universities and Colleges
7. Private Sectors (Hospitals and Clinics)

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Dest. 35, Fereej Kulaib,
Doha, Qatar
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